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Complex - The 50 Coolest Movie Cars Of All Time

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Let's face it. Sure, countless people hated on The Fast and The Furious for the awkward acting and spineless plot, but many people still watched the movie and revered in the fast muscle rides. The movie can suck, but the convoy of coveted cars and roaring engines make the film one of Hollywood's biggest guilty pleasures (and in this category we also have the tearjerker, The Notebook). This proves one thing-- that even if acting and plot are sub par, cool cars can pretty much save a movie. And sometimes, the ride itself is a bigger star than the protagonist. You can turn your nose up at Marty McFly but you can't deny that a time traveling DeLorean isn't your garage dream. Complex compiled a comprehensive list of the 50 coolest movie cars of all time, starting with the 1985 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT from the reproduction of Initial D (starring Taiwanese R&B sensation, Jay Chou-- which proves that bad acting can be salvaged with cool cars). And, in the runner up, we have the perennial favorite, the DeLorean time machine. As for the king of all movie cars according to Complex, you will have to check out the countdown for to find out.