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Gallery1950 - Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection | Preview

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Thinsulate Stadium Jacket

Just when you thought the cold weather is history and the warmer weather is creeping in Japan's Gallery1950 have released a preview of the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2010 collection. It seem like the collection will be a combination of original items as well as collaboration project with various key brands.

First item to note is the collaboration sneaker project with Pony which will the second time these two brands got worked together. Secondly the simple Seal Key Ring with OriginalFake is a nice accessory that feature the famous KAWS teeth pattern around the carabiner like key ring. Other items include Paint Denims, Long Sleeve Border Shirts and Down Vests as well as classic Thinsulate Stadium Jacket. via: Intention

x Pony sneakers

x OriginalFake Seal Key Ring

Long Sleeve Border T-Shirt

Down Vest

Paint Denim