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Monocle Shop Hong Kong | Seasonal Shop

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The face of print publication has changed with the dwindling economy. While many major magazines have folded one after another like dominoes, some managed to stay strong, proving that a well curated content and good taste will triumph financial troughs. Monocle is one of the rare few publications that manages to stay strong and continues to attract loyal readers with great writing and beautifully edited internationally relevant content.

Aside from being a good magazine, Monocle is known for its good taste and its collaborative commercial ventures have been extremely successful. The knickknacks Monocle has produced includes a special edition Blackberry, fragrances created with Comme des Garcons, and bags with Bill Amberg. To house special Monocle items and a special selection of coveted goods, Monocle has been opening up shop in various spots around the world such as Los Angeles and London.

This weekend, Monocle is expanding its retail influence to Asia with a seasonal shop to be housed inside Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. The shop is a seasonal venture and its debut opening will last five weeks until May 23. To celebrate the opening of The Monocle Shop in Hong Kong, the Monocle team will be traveling to the international hub to host a cocktail party for 1,000 of its subscribers, shoppers and friends. Do drop by and check out Monocle's first home in Asia if you are in town in the next five weeks!

The Monocle Shop Hong Kong

Lane Crawford
Shop 126, 88 Queensway | Map
Admiralty, Hong Kong

Opening Dates: April 15th (Thursday) - May 23rd (Sunday)