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Nike T-Shirt Customization Experience | Video

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Here's the thing-- for those the style purists who enjoy matching their t-shirts to their kicks, the customization options for apparel is somewhat limited in comparison to the glamorous plethora of sneaker customization options. On this issue, we have stumbled upon this video which looks like a new t-shirt customization tool from Nike. The customization experience seems to be allow users to select iconic Nike graphics and logos or special artist design series for their own t-shirt. For instance, the "Just Do It" graphic can be altered to fit any fancy, down to the text fill color and and background fill pattern, which includes a convoy of choices from what appears like a safari pattern to monochromatic shades. While we are not certain of any details surrounding the t-shirt customization experience yet, do check out the video and we will be sure to update everyone once more information is available.