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Ed Templeton - "The Cemetery of Reason" Exhibition | Video

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Professional skateboarder/artist/photographer, Ed Templeton, is living proof that one doesn't need to specialize and laser in on one trade to excel. Templeton proves that one can do everything and be good at all. Aside from being an extremely versatile artist working with mediums from silk-screen to installations and photography, Templeton is also a professional skater, founder of Toy Machine Bloodsucking Skateboard Company and an editor at ANP Quarterly. Just opened earlier this month at S.M.A.K Museum in Gent Belgium is Templeton's biggest art show to date.

"The Cemetery of Reason" is essentially a survey of Templeton's work in the past fifteen years, featuring a bedazzling collection of photographs, paintings, and sculptures. Just like it was impossible for Templeton to categorize himself and choose to be either an artist or a skateboarder, it is just as difficult to categorize his art. Templeton mainly documents his life and people around him, and thus his work can range from being inspired by emotions triggered from time spent with his wife to documenting kids skateboarding in the streets. This exhibition gives the public a very comprehensive yet in-depth view of both Ed Templeton as an artist and as a person, and is definitely worth a trip to visit. The exhibition just opened on April 3 and will be running through June 13. Enjoy the exhibition video made by Emerica, and do check out the exhibition if you can! Also, if you live in Europe, you can stand a chance to win a trip to see Templeton's show by following the instructions on the Facebook group.

The Cemetery of Reason

Citadel Park | Map
9000 Gent, Belgium

Exhibition Dates: April 3rd (Saturday) - June 13th (Sunday)