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Working Families Party - What The F*ck? (WTF?) Poster + T-Shirt | Protest Against NYC Transit Service Cuts

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Despite its proclamation as "The Capital of the World", New York City has one of the most unreliable public transportation in the world. Because of the recent economic downturn, the fiscal strapped Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), the government entity that operates NYC's public transportation system, just announced a series of service cuts to the outrages of most New Yorkers.

As a form of protest, with ample snarky humor, the left-leaning political party Working Families Party (WFP), created a doppelganger spoof in the exact likeness of a MTA Service Advisory poster. Instead of actual service changes, the WFP's parody stipulated the impending raise of fare and service cuts with a bold headline "WTF?" (short for What The F*CK). When the MTA tried to censor Working Families Party's poster, party member up the ante and launched WTF? T-Shirt this morning.

Similar to the parody poster, the WTF? T-Shirt closely resembles the Helvetica typeface letter for each train route. Even the letters W and F are in the exact color code. (There is no T line in NYC Subway). Show your objections to MTA's plans in public by purchasing this t-shirt today. All proceed from the sale will be going to Working Families Party in their petition for better public transportation in NYC! Only in New York! via: Gothamist