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Banksy Heist In LA Footage | Video

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Perhaps an inspired crime, not long after Banksy premiered his directorial debut "Exit Through The Gift Shop" in Los Angeles, the graffiti artist's work on a wall in Los Angeles' La Brea Avenue had been stolen. As in, someone literally knocked off a chunk of the wall which Banksy worked on, featuring a stenciled picture of a security guard carrying a Jeff Koons' balloon dog, just yesterday. Jetset Graffiti investigated and obtained more information on the heist, confirming that the removal was organized by Doug Christmas of Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. A video footage of the removal had been posted by Jetset Graffiti and in the mean time, this piece has yet to been authenticated by Banksy himself, so please do not support the sale of this piece, wherever it might end up. Ah, such is the life of street art. via: Jetset Graffiti