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KAWS Tokyo Trip - Hajime Sorayama

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This is not The Selby, but KAWS had visited Japanese artist, Hajime Sorayama, on his latest trip to Tokyo for OriginalFake Fall/Winter 2010 exhibition. For those who have been following KAWS' projects, Hajime Sorayama doesn't come across as a strange name as he had previously collaborated with KAWS on the sweepingly popular "No Future Companion". Aside from his work with KAWS, the artist is known for his provocative pin-up style, and AIBO, an entertainment robotic pet for Sony. KAWS' visit reveals Hajime Sorayama in his studio space, and euphemistically speaking, quirkiness ensues. Check out Sorayama's hoard of knickknacks, toys (is it a Stitch we see?), and random body parts that take an uncanny center stage in the photos. Only through KAWS' lens would you see pictures of Sorayama scratching a faux feet nonchalantly.via: KAWS