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Nike SB Dunk High Premium - Iron Man/Un-Lobster | Holiday 2010 Release

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As the countdown to Stark Expo has officially started with 22 days to go (the countdown is actually for the Iron Man II movie, set to hit theaters on May 7, and the Star Expo site is just a viral project for the blockbuster's marketing campaign), Tony Stark fans are catching on with the heat, and here is more news to rejoice. While we had previewed an upcoming Holiday 2010 release of Nike SB Dunk High "Iron Man" with a teaser image, now we have more detailed images for all. The Holiday 2010 Dunk High Premium features a red/yellow/black colorway, very much like Iron Man's indestructible outfit, but since the sneaker is crafted from a muted suede upper, it doesn't quite reflect the metallic quality of Iron Man's gear. So, the other name for this release is the "Un-Lobster". Whether you fancy a name that won't tarnish Iron Man's image or one that is a more stoic and powerful representation, these kicks are set to drop at the end of the year. All names aside, it is just difficult for red/yellow/black shoes to go wrong, so here's another toast to a solid release from Nike SB. via: SN