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Fred Perry - World Cup 2010 Polo Pack

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Having team loyalty doesn't necessarily mean painting your faces and bare naked bodies with rash-inducing slabs of chemical-laden colors. Neither does it mean you have to wear a team jersey, go crazy and yell expletives at your arch rivals across the fields. Fred Perry proposes a more refined way of sartorially celebrating the 2010 FIFA World Cup with a pack of polo shirts. In this pack, the classic Fred Perry polo has made its way off courts and onto the bleachers in team colors and enlarged laurels. The polos's piping and monochromatic shades will feature contrasting team colors from various World Cup teams such as Spain, Japan, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, England and Italy. Underneath each embroidered laurel is the name of the country, so team loyalties not be mixed up or missed. The polo pack is available for purchase now at End Clothing, so don't miss out, and lose that jersey and the paint immediately-- those are only cute in your twenties.