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Freshness Week In Review - 4/12/2010 - 4/16/2010

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In New York City, the April weather is always volatile. This week marks a dip back into the cold, but things are still happening around the world. For instance, people are still stealing street art (Banksy's piece in Los Angeles have been removed) and Coachella is still attracting music fiends to pilgrimage out to the deserts to vacillate happily between sonic high and dehydration.

On the stateside, Terry Richardson has shot the Jersey Shore crew, but since we don't need to see more of The Situation's abs, we are happy to check out his work with N*E*R*D and Lupe Fiasco. New York City's Supreme celebrated the iconic punk-rock band, The Clash, with the launch of a collaborative collection. On the technical side, Microsoft has unveiled its new social phone, the KIN, but we'll see how it holds up against the iPhones and the Droids and the Berries. In LA, friends and supporters such as Tony Hawk, Jeremy Scott , Tara Tarantino and the Wentz family came out to Banksy's premiere of Exit Through The Gift Shop to support the artist's directorial debut. And off the coast, In4mation released more information on their upcoming collaboration with G-Shock and Baby-G.

Musicially, HIFANA held a clandestine performance in Tokyo with Nike Free Run+ shoes that sing and ALIFE started their summer (albeit the freezing weather) with the famed and coveted Courtyard Sessions, debuting this year with Cypress Hill and NINJASONIK.

In Asia, CLOT has been gearing up with releases and openings, with a new JUICE store to stay in Taiwan and a new collaborative release with Star Wars and adidas Originals.

If you have missed out on news this week, here's what will keep both you and your wardrobes updated:

visivm - Spring/Summer 2010 Collection


Finally the teasing trickles of visvim products hath gathered into a sizable pool of retail gratification. Tres Bien Shop has received a good shipment of the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection, including footwear, apparel and accessories-- in all of visvim's detail-obsessed glory.

» visvim - Spring/Summer 2010 Collection


The Clash x Supreme


Supreme is known for its great and surprising taste in collaborations. After working with Thom Browne and Lee Scratch Perry, the label took on iconic British band, The Clash. The rocking collaboration had hit the NYC store on April 15, and once again, New Yorkers can heed the London Calling.

» The Clash x Supreme


Terry Richardson - N*E*R*D Photo Shoot With Pharrell Williams + Lupe Fiasco


Don't worry, even though it's Terry Richardson, no one is getting naked this time (even though the salacious photographer has stripped the cast of Jersey Shore...). Richardson conducted the N*E*R*D photo shoot featuring Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco and released the gorgeous photos. Yes, fiasco ensues, but don't worry, all junk stayed in the trunk.

» Terry Richardson - N*E*R*D Photo Shoot With Pharrell Williams + Lupe Fiasco


Nike x St. Alfred 2010 World Cup Store | Opening Party


As football fever heightens, the Chi-town linchpin has collaborated with Nike to start a new retail venture beckoning all to pledge loyalty to their teams. Named "Bleed Your Colors", the new retail spot will not only feature special items from Nike, but it will also house collaborations between St. Alfreds and Nike. Don't just wear the colors-- the hardcore supporters bleed them.

» Nike x St. Alfreds 2010 World Cup Store | Opening Party


Nike x HIFANA - Nike Music Shoe | Video


Can your Nike running shoes sing? Most likely not (and if they do, please let the world know!). But, Japanese break beat duo, HIFANA, have discovered that their Nike Free Run+ sneakers do sing when bent and twisted, so they held a special private performance in an ultra-secretive location in Tokyo, swapping a part of their set up for Nike kicks. Sorry the Nike Free Run+ you find in stores won't drop tunes like that, but they will keep your feet happy as you run.

» Nike x HIFANA - Nike Music Shoe | Video

Microsoft Unveils KIN - A High Concept Social Phone


In a a mobile world pretty much dominated by iPhone, Droid and Blackberry, Microsoft has decided to enter the market with the KIN. The KIN taps into the social side of us (also known as the Facebook stalking, Tweeting side of us) and makes it easy for users to share every part and parcel of their lives with the world at a touch and a drag. Armed with bottomless storage and cloud computing technology, the message begging one to please delete before more use will hardly be a part of your life again.

» Microsoft Unveils KIN - A High Concept Social Phone


JUICE Taiwan - Grand Opening | Event Recap


The problem with pop-up shops is that the successful ones leave people wanting more. As the JUICE Stand was a raving success, Hong Kong collective CLOT has decided that JUICE will be here to stay in Taiwan. So, this week, JUICE officially opened its Taiwan store with exclusive items and a banging afterparty to tie everything up properly.

» JUICE Taiwan - Grand Opening | Event Recap


In4mation x Casio - G-Shock & Baby-G Set


Hawaii's In4mation is going shock-resistant again with Casio's G-Shock & Baby-G. Designed for the most active and courageous out there, these collaborative watches speak for themselves. They are set to hit stores in June 2010.

» In4mation x Casio - G-Shock & Baby-G Set


Banksy - "Exit Through The Gift Shop" Premiere | Event Recap


Dubbed the greatest street art disaster movie, Banksy's "Exit Through The Gift Shop" is the clandestine graffiti artist's directorial debut. The movie premiered in Los Angeles and supporters and friends from all walks and industries came out to support the artist.

» Banksy - "Exit Through The Gift Shop" Premiere | Event Recap


ALIFE: Courtyard Sessions - Cypress Hill + NINJASONIK | Event Recap


Every summer, ALIFE holds one of the most coveted events in the city-- the Courtyard Sessions. This year, the event was just as happening with performances from Cypress Hill and NINJASONIK. The only difference is the absence of sweltering heat, and that it was also held party in celebration of Earth Day and Tax Day. Not that we ever need reasons to jam and rock out.

» ALIFE: Courtyard Sessions - Cypress Hill + NINJASONIK


Star Wars x CLOT x adidas Originals Superstar "Darkside Star" | Preview


After a walk on the rebellious side on HOTH, CLOT has fallen to the Darkside and has collaborated once again with adidas Originals x Star Wars to create this special "Darkside Star" Superstar. Feel the wrath of the Lord? The sneaker dropped today alongside a matching Empire Athletics T-shirt.

» Star Wars x CLOT x adidas Originals Superstar "Darkside Star" | Preview