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Gourmet Cinque C

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Salmon or pink? For guys with an almost inane aversion to the latter, the former is often a substitute for the latter taboo shade. However, as with all trends and styles, sometimes it just takes one perfect execution to turn an image around for the better. This season, Gourmet revives the "salmon" color and makes it not only acceptable, but cool for guys to rock. The Gourmet low-top Cinque is remixed in canvas this season for the warmer weathers and the label looses the duller shades such as black, white and brown for a salmon canvas upper, accented with tan lace plackets and heel tabs. To be frank, salmon actually goes pretty perfectly with khaki shades and are soft and appealing for the summer. Subtle but not one to blend into the background with the multitudes of sneakers out there, these salmon kicks are bound to attract some enviable looks and questions.via: Complex