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Maiden Noir x PORTER - Reversible Camouflage Series

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Maiden Noir

Maiden Noir teamed up with PORTER to produce some vintage inspired products for their upcoming 2010 Autumn/Winter collection, titled "Wasted Youth". To compliment the military and hunting influenced collection, the basic PORTER items were revamped with a reversed vintage hunting camouflage. Two standard colorways of brown and green camouflage has been used on the Side Pack, Snap Wallet and Camera Case. All three pieces feature vintage military detailing. These items are all available for pre-order and will be delivered late September. via: Stless

Side Pack Brown

Side Pack Green

Side Pack Green 2

Side Pack Green 3

Side Pack Green 4

Side Pack Green 5

Side Pack Green 6

Snap Wallet Brown

Snap Wallet Green

Snap Wallet Green 2

Snap Wallet Green 3

Snap Wallet Green 4

Snap Wallet Green 5

Snap Wallet Green 6

Snap Wallet Green 7

Camera Case Brown

Camera Case Green

Camera Case Green 2

Camera Case Green 3

Camera Case Green 4

Camera Case Green 5