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N*E*R*D "Nothing" | Release Information

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It has been almost two years since N*E*R*D released their last studio album "Seeing Sounds". For fans of N*E*R*D who had been barely thriving on played tracks and collaborations here and there, official news had been released on BBC Blog regarding the enigmatic group's upcoming album release. The new album, originally titled "Instant Gratification" is now renamed "Nothing", and is set to hit stores on June 15.

The title change came from a tedious recording process, where the band scrapped 27 recordings and started over from scratch, thus started from nothing. According to Pharrell, "We scrapped 27 records because they weren't good enough, they sounded great but what were they saying? So we went back in (to the studio) and just focused on feeling...It's almost like we did this whole entire album with our eyes closed, not because it was that easy but because it was that important to reconnect to what we feel and I would say this album is like scrapping everything and starting with nothing."

While there is yet to be official images of the album, BBC Blog released the information with a quirky picture of the N*E*R*D crew with former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. As for the other newly added lady member, Rhea, rumor has it the lady left after a few months of her joining the crew. However, this has neither been confirmed nor denied by the band.via: BBC Blog

Release Date: June 15th (Tuesday)