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Nike SB Dunk High "Skunks" | 420 Release Window Display

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By chance or fate, the highly anticipated Nike SB Dunk High "Skunk" is set to leave stores tonight at the stroke of midnight, on April 20. The lush green Nike SB Dunk High is quite thematically compatible with the celebrations due to go on on its release date, and retailers such as Maven in Burlington, VT, have taken some creative liberties with the chance connection. To celebrate the drop, the store has already stripped its windows of its usual displays and recreated it to resemble a nursery for the 420 organics. Aluminum line the back of the window, lamps spotlight with extra voltage...and behold, the green Nike Sb Dunk High "Skunks" hang from the sinewy plants like Christmas ornaments...but they blend into the plant quite seamlessly. Check out the window display, and do check with your local retailers on the release that is set to happen at select stores tonight!