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Steve Jobs Called, Wants His iPhone Back | The Saga Of The Lost Secret iPhone Continues

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Gadget blog GIZMODO really hit the mother lode yesterday when it confirmed how the next generation Apple iPhone would look like. Not only the site did its usual tech spec breakdown on the new device, it also painstakingly documented the cloak-and-dagger operation, which enabled its editors to secure the device, even so far as to name the poor fellow who lost it at Gourmet Haus Staudt, a German beer garden/restaurant in Redwood City, California. (While celebrating his 27th birthday).

Subsequently, a fellow bar patron found the prototype phone and sold it to Gawker Media, owner of GIZMODO, for a mere $5,000. Of course, the return for Gawker was 1000-fold. Just hours after the post was published, GIZMODO was getting 1 million visitors per hour, every hour, to the site. The breach to Apple’s once impenetrable security apparatus was serious enough that Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, placed a call to GIZMODO for the device’s return. By Midnight last evening, Bruce Sewell, Senior Vice President & General Counsel for Apple, formally drafted a letter of request for its return. No words on what will happen to the software engineer who lost the phone or whether Apple will delay the launch of its new generation iPhone because of the publicity. However, you can be sure this will be side note in the annal of Silicon Valley.