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The Hundreds - "420" Green Adam Bomb 59Fifty New Era Fitted

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Here is a big happy 420 from The Hundreds, as the California label had just released a hemp Adam Bomb New Era 59Fifty Fitted cap to well, affirm their loyalties in the issue of marijuana legalization, which has become one of the most heated controversies in sunny California. The benefits of legalizing marijuana aside, as most people know, hemp is one of the strongest fibers in the world, and it took a backseat to cotton back in the day because of the usual conglomerate and financial issues (the wealthy cotton farm owners were of course, opposed to the idea of using hemp in fabric). Regardless, in celebration of today, whether one smokes the aforementioned plant, the new Green Adam cap is actually quite summery in ventilated off-white hemp, wooden buttons and a festive Green Adam Bomb.

For now, the cap is only available at THSF and THLA, and an accompanying green Adam Bomb organic t-shirt will also be available later on this week in celebration of Earth Day. Meanwhile, the folks over at The Hundreds have also logged a rather detailed blog entry about the legalization of hemp and their reason for supporting legalization, so go on ahead and check it out.