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VANS - Vanosaur Pack

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Vanosaur Era 5

Vans fans might recognize the dinosaur print that appears on these pairs of sneakers. It is the Vanosaur graphics that was created especially for the Vans 40th anniversary and the custom graphic pattern have been brought back to life in black/white or pink/white colorways. As the name suggests, it is a dinosaur that is wearing a pair of Vans and sunglasses, with a mohawk while riding a skateboard. The retro design is a perfect match for the low tech style of the Authentic, Era and Slip On models and if you want to have fun on your feet this Summer, these might just do the job. via: Flauge

Vanosaur Era

Vanosaur Era 2

Vanosaur Era 3

Vanosaur Era 4

Vanosaur Slip On Black

Vanosaur Slip On Black 2

Vanosaur Slip On Black 3

Vanosaur Slip On Black 4

Vanosaur Slip On Black 5

Vanosaur Slip On Black 6

Vanosaur Slip On Black 7

Vanosaur Slip On Pink

Vanosaur Authentic

Vanosaur Authentic 2

Vanosaur Authentic 3

Vanosaur Authentic 4

Vanosaur Authentic 5

Vanosaur Authentic 6

Vanosaur Authentic 7