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The Selby x CONVERSE Jack Purcell

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Most of us know the Chucks, and even more kick around in the Chucks; but, to bring the focus back the happiest shoe in CONVERSE (haven't you seen Jack Purcell's "smile"?), the heritage sports label has enlisted the help of The Selby to re-energize the classic Jack Purcell, which has taken a backseat to the Chuck Taylor in terms of collaborations and well, wear.

In true Selby fashion, Todd Selby (mastermind of The Selby) has visited some of the creative industry's most prominent and up-and-coming young players in their natural environment. For this, Selby went around the world, and photographed creative youngsters such as   Charlie Casley-Hayford (son of the father and son duo behind British menswear label, Casley-Hayford), young Clark James Gable (whose grandfather was famous actor Clark James Gable) and Harry McNally of the playful NYC label, Pegleg NYC, in their cities, homes and creative spaces. And in Selby's own words, the photographs came out "pretty funny". Which, isn't a surprise at all because who can resist smiling when Jack Purcell is "smiling" and staring right back at you? These official campaign images are already up and running in magazines such as GQ. Also, check out our coverage on the behind-the-scenes video here.