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LRG - 420 Pack | Board Shorts + T-Shirt

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As marijuana legalization becomes an actual issue worth consideration rather than a controversy looming in the back that had little chance of being realized (which was what this was a few years ago), the 420 celebration has grown bigger and many labels and artists are quick to pick on the issue and voice their opinions through products and projects. While Snoop Dogg had launched a strange website which lets its users virtually share a joint with Snoop, LRG has released a 420 pack which includes the Hydro Wave Board Short and the "Don't Harm The Farm Tree" T-Shirt.

Both pieces are launched to support organic farming, and of course, the prints and graphics on the items make it quite clear that the label supports hemp production. Which, is not only one of the strongest fiber in the world, but it also has medicinal purposes and can be smoked for recreation. Since California (as of many other states) are quite in debt, legalizing marijuana and placing a tax on it could actually benefit the economy.

The board shorts come with a bottle opener and a wax scrapper for surfboards, and the pack is available now for purchase!