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BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 Exhibition

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The upcoming BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 Exhibition will be the second exhibition to be held at the BAPE Gallery first debuted in March at BAPEXCLUSIVE Kyoto. The gallery space will be hosting a series of BAPE's iconic Camo prints on canvas in various colors (blue, red and green) and sizes, inviting viewers to enter the world of BAPE, see the world through BAPE's point of view, and also get a deeper visual connection with BAPE. The exhibition will be running from April 30 to May 16, and a special BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE T-Shirt has been created in conjunction with the exhibition. If you happen to chance by Kyoto in the next few weeks, do drop by the new gallery space and check out the prints that made BAPE, well, BAPE.

BAPE CAMOCOLLAGE 2010 Exhibition

BAPE Gallery
2-33-3F Otabicho, Shimogyo Ward, Shijiodoori | Map
Kyoto, Japan

Exhibition Dates: April 30th (Friday) - May 16th (Sunday)