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BMW x Kvadrat and Flos - "The Dwelling Lab" BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

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It's safe to say this won't be scoring laps around the tracks anytime soon. Or anytime at all. This latest artistic effort from BMW and fabric maker Kvadrat and Flos, "The Dwelling Lab" aims to re-imagine the BMW series 5 Gran Turismo and challenges people to think about the car from a different perspective. According to the design duo behind this project, Patricia Urquiola and Giulio Ridolfo, most people look at cars from the outside, and most judge it base on its appearance. And for the duo, this is perplexing because the most amount of time one spends on the car is on the inside, and not the outside. Thus, this project aims to change boundaries and perspective of the way we perceive and consider cars.

The sculptural installation is made up of cone-shaped structures that seem to be growing out of the car's body. It draws the viewer's attention inwards and invites all to contemplate the   inside of the car instead of stopping their gaze on the outside. This installation draws people's attention not just to the specs of the car and its exterior, but rallies all to remember that the inside of the car is where most interactions with the automobile happens, and it should be a comfortable, luxurious dwelling space for car owners, passengers and drivers.Through this installation, BMW calls for a refinement and focus on the art of travelling, and not just think of the car as something that gets people from point A to point B without enjoyable value.

The installation will be on display during the Salone Internationale del Mobile held in Milan all of this month. via: Autoblog