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Stella Artois Presents: The Mystery of Jacques d'Azur

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It's been a little over a month since the disappearance of Jacques d'Azur the King of Cannes but Stella Artois has launched a campaign to find a heir to attend this years Cannes International Film Festival. Take a visit over to the Stella Artois website, connect with your own Facebook account and you will be immersed, quite literally,   into the reading of the will of Jacques d'Azur. Unfortunately, you did not inherit the yacht, but there is a chance you will inherit a weekend at the Cannes International Film Festival. Beyond the fun and games, this is one amazing interactive experience which pulls in photos of your Facebook friends as well as several amazing parts of the film that pulls in your Facebook profile photo live (see photo above). Check out a few screen caps below and take a visit over to Stella Artois (contest ends April 25th).