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BAPE - Summer 2010 - Ape Sta

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It's really not anyone's fault. But when you have a design as timeless and relevant to all as CONVERSE Chuck Taylor All Star, it's quite inevitable that other people will draw inspiration from your design (let's not use the "c" word too liberally here) and put their own spin to update it. It's like when you would Sharpie your beaten Chucks in high school-- everyone wants to have a personal touch on an awesome shoe. This season, BAPE is putting their for formidable mascot, the Ape, on a new series of footwear, the canvas Ape Sta which have a silhouette similar to the Chuck Taylor High Tops. However, as any hardworking, meticulous designer can tell you, victory lies in the details. The Ape Sta features BAPE's "Sta" logo on the toe midsole, and the colorful monochrome kicks come with a special "Ape Sta" tongue tag and embroidered "BAPE" and "R" logo patches, adding a sporty, playful touch. These high-top canvas kicks come in three colorways-- blue, red and peach. Perfect with everything just like the Chucks. Perhaps Chuck's die-hard fans would not switch over to the Ape Sta anytime soon, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery-- not to mention an imitation that take design one step further into a new level like these from BAPE. via: Street Thing