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BAPE x OriginalFake - KAWS MILO T-Shirt

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To celebrate OriginalFake's 4th anniversary, BAPE has teamed up with OriginalFake to celebrate the latter's birthday Milo-style. The celebratory collaborative t-shirt turns Baby Milo into a strange Dissected Companion hybrid, featuring a character that is half Baby Milo and half KAWS' very exposed Dissected Companion. The t-shirt comes in six variations, alternating between the black-and-white Dissected Companion and the colored version, and each variation comes printed on either a black or a white t-shirt.

The OriginalFake 4th Anniversary KAWS MILO T-Shirt release coincides with NIGOLDEN Week, which includes NIGO's Workshop held in celebration of BAPE's 17th birthday. It sure seems like things are extremely festive on the opposite side of the globe. The t-shirt is set to drop at BAPEXCLUSIVE Aoyama, BAPE Store Harajuku, BAPE Store Shibuya, OriginalFake and Isetan Shinjuku.