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Lanvin - Spring/Summer 2010 - Sneakers & Accessories Pack

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True style might come from creative mixing and layering, but true luxury comes from matching, and Lanvin in this case, distinguishes itself from other labels venturing into the luxury sneaker market by releasing a pack of matching sneakers and accessories. Of course, by just making several items in the same colorway and print does not luxury make-- Lanvin has crafted a few of its Spring/Summer 2010 hi-top sneakers from necktie material, with an elegant, formal, yet energetic print to match. Matching the sneakers (which we had previously covered) are accessories such as belts, wallets, pouches and sporty dandy drawstring bags in the same material and print. The packs spotlighted come in two colorways, a bright navy and red zigzag print and a more muted painterly earth tone plaid. These are currently available for purchase at Lanvin. via: Openers