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M.I.A. - Born Free | Official Video

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One of the very few artists actually incorporated into university curriculum, M.I.A. has proven with her strong political opinions in her music that she is not just another artist. Ever since the British singer/songwriter/fashion icon/visual artist/political activist made it big on the stateside with "Paper Planes" in 2008, she has captivated the public attention with two Grammy nominations and even an Academy Award nomination. This year, M.I.A. is set to release her third album in the summer, but over the past weekend, video of one of the tracks, "Born Free", was leaked out into the internet, and it is subsequently officially released. Check out the global influencer's latest music video, and do expect a deep political undertone (though in this case "undertone" is somewhat of an understatement). So, take a deep breath and be prepared for what's coming; because, like the truth, it isn't always pleasant.