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Mister Cartoon x Nike Sportswear - True Colors USA | Video

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In celebration of the biggest global sporting sensation this year, the 2010 FIFA World Cup, Nike had partnered up with six artists from six countries to create the "Nike True Colors" collection. The collaboration sees work from artists such as SO-ME for France, NUNCA for Brazil, James Jarvis for England and representing the stateside, Mister Cartoon. The Los Angeles based tattoo/graffiti artist and low-riding aficionado is no stranger to working with Nike. The duo's working relationship started back when Mister Cartoon was enlisted by Nike to design the Cortez and the Air Force 1. Then, last year, Mister Cartoon returned and collaborated with Nike and LIVESTRONG to create a special edition AF1 in LIVESTRONG colorways. This year, Nike brought Mister Cartoon back to design the artwork, including a mascot (a bald eagle in graffiti and tattoo styled rendition) and a team crest. This video from Nike Sportswear features Mister Cartoon divulging his relationship with Nike, his inspiration for the USA edition of the Nike True Colors collection and what his designs mean. While a part of the collection has been available for purchase for a while now, it's never too late to learn about your gear and appreciate what you are wearing. via: Nike Sportswear