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The North Face Standard | New Store Opening

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The   outdoor apparel and gear specialist, The North Face, has been providing the world with trusty windbreakers, puffers, heavy-duty insulation and the Southern preppy favorite, the Denali jacket. The San Francisco-born heritage mountaineering, outdoor gear label will soon be expanding its portfolio and impose a rather colossal presence in Tokyo on April 29. The new concept store, The North Face Standard, is developed upon and will purvey the concept of "Standard of Living Package".

The store will consist of four stories, and each story will be designed and decorated according to a specific theme. The themes will change alongside the products and interior design on a regular basis. The fourth floor will be a gallery designed for people/artist/athlete who have strong connections and relationships with The North Face brand, and these people can each leave their "Standard of Living" message in this space, creating an artistic sense of community and shared interest.

Aside from catering to the power and technical users, the concept store will also carry special collaborations with contemporary fashion labels, bridging the gap between fashion and functionality, making the space accessible for the fashion conscious as well.

Stay tuned for the store opening and exclusive/special collaborations to come from The North Face Standard!

The North Face Standard
6-10-9 Jingumae | Map
Shibuyaku, Tokyo

Opening Date: April 29th (Thursday)