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PUMA - JB2010 World Cup Edition

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The FIFA World Cup is nearing and to commemorate the sporting event, PUMA has gotten onto the bandwagon by releasing two versions of the specially designed JB2010 high cut sneakers. JB stands for Johannesburg in South Africa and 2010 stands for this year, and also 2010 FIFA World Cup. The black version is inspired by Cameroon and the white is inspired by Ghana. Each item the iconic colors of green, red and yellow, and the heel portion has been printed with a paint like graphic that corresponds to each country. Tricolor tongue tag completes the front view and multicolored shoe laces are included to encourage colorful mixing. Or, if you are feeling brave, wear all laces together. via: Flauge

JB2010 White

JB2010 Black 7

JB2010 Black

JB2010 Black 6

JB2010 Black 2

JB2010 Black 3

JB2010 Black 4

JB2010 Black 5

JB2010 2