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Good Wood NYC - Pharoah Piece

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Following on the success of Jesus (referring to jewelry, not God's son per se) Good Wood NYC has been carving some of the most intricate wooden jewelry there is, fashioned after icons ranging from human to canine (Biggie, The Chief, skulls, cats and wolves are just a few to name). And this time around, the New York based jewelry label is bringing out the big guns from Egypt-- the almighty and almost mythical Pharoah-- to its line-up. As Good Wood NYC said, this is the label's most detailed and intricately designed piece yet. The Pharoah is gorgeously carved to life-like details (quite ironic since the Pharoah is no longer alive) with the iconic braided beard and the cobra adornment on his crown. Check out the piece which will be available starting May 2. Don't worry, no scary curses a la The Mummy will be enchanted into this piece... or will there?

Release Date: May 2nd (Sunday)