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Freshness Week In Review - 4/26/2010 - 4/30/2010

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Aside from everything that happened this week-- be it Iron Man II movie premiere in Los Angeles on Monday or Tiger Woods missing the cut at Quail Hollow Woods Championship, nothing has involved as many people and companies across industries, oceans, mountains and equator as the Shanghai Expo set to open this Saturday. As luxury labels, companies and more finish the push for the highly anticipated World Expo, often with special commemorative products and display booths fancier than their neighbors, and before we launch into a weekend fanfare of watching your RSS feed like a hawk for interesting news from the expo, let's take a quick moment to relive all the fun stuff which happened around the world.

Sure, booths will open at Shanghai this year and possibly a record influx of tourist will rush the gates with gusto comparable to the Huang Pu River, a lot of things happened around the world that are still worth taking note of! Let's just say, if you haven't seen the behind-the-scenes of how to make your Nike kicks sing, and you are not caught up with how that gorgeous Louis Vuitton leather case journeyed its way into your wardrobe, it is quite essential that you keep on clicking to keep up with all that's hot and notable this week!

Triumvir x Capcom - Super Street Fighter Collection


Because this is the last installation of Triumvir's collaboration with Capcom's Street Fighter, and it is quite frankly a rather sizable collection, for those who love the Street Fighter please raise your fists and say "hadouken"!

» Triumvir x Capcom - Super Street Fighter Collection


The Selby x Louis Vuitton - The Journey Of A Man's Wardrobe: Paris


Sometimes, the cynical would say that an artist is getting more work because he has a capable agent. But, most of the time, the artist who does start to make his way around the world thrives on raw talent. Armed with a keen eye and a great camera, The Selby, has been really busy with collaborations. After working with CONVERSE and Kenneth Cole, the photographer has been enlisted by Louis Vuitton to document the journey of a man's wardrobe--starting from workshop to the Vuitton family home and then the runway.

» The Selby x Louis Vuitton - The Journey Of A Man's Wardrobe: Paris


Reed Annex - Obey Pop-Up Store | Opening Recap


Don't rush to Deitch Projects just yet. The show won't open until tomorrow. But for now, you can quell both your shopping and artistic urges by visiting the Obey Pop-Up Shop at Reed Annex where you can find special items and art work and prints by Shepard Fairey!

» Reed Annex - Obey Pop-Up Shop


The North Face Standard


Maybe it's too soon to start prepping for the apocalypse (since it might not happen and if it does happen, a gorgeous Gore-Tex jacket might not still be futile), but if you are camping, hiking, mountaineering, visiting Mount Kilimanjaro with your pet chameleon, The North Face Standard which had just opened in Harajuku will have everything you need. Oh, and if you just need to look casual good and sporty without trying too hard, this is the place to go as well.

» The North Face Standard | Store Photos

» The North Face Standard | New Store Opening


Nike Sportswear x Mister Cartoon - True Colors USA COLLAB Launch | Event Recap


Who else than Mister Cartoon to bleed True Colors (and no, this is not just a tattoo reference) for USA in representing the stateside for Nike's latest Six Collaborations project created to commemorate and celebrate the 2010 FIFA World Cup fever? The LA artist and tattoo maestro launched his collaboration at Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer this weekend with an overwhelming crowd. Ole!

» Nike Sportswear x Mister Cartoon - True Colors USA COLLAB Launch | Event Recap

Nike Shoe Sculptures - "(Not So) New Shoes" Earth Day Exhibition By Gabriel Dishaw


Think your old Pentium II computer is a good for nothing pile of scrap metal and plastic? Think again, they can be transformed into fresh Nike kicks. And no, we are not kidding.

» Nike Shoe Sculptures - "(Not So) New Shoes" Earth Day Exhibition By Gabriel Dishaw

» Gabriel Dishaw - "(Not So) New Shoes" Exhibition - Limited Edition Air Force 1


Making of Nike x HIFANA - Nike Music Shoe | Video


If you thought the Nike x HIFANA - Nike Music Shoe video was cool but completely edited, get ready to be blown away. Check out the video which details how these shoes had been actually transformed into instruments. No gimmick!!

» Making of Nike x HIFANA - Nike Music Shoe | Video


Dickies 1922 Collection Launch | Event Recap


Born for the hardworking laboring class and the brave armed forces, Dickies have gone a long way and is now a perennial street icon all over the world. This season, Dickies reminds all where it came from with a launch of its heritage 1922 collection. Of course, you can simply be a street savvy gentleman with a great sense of style to don these. No sweat, blood or tears necessary.

» Dickies 1922 Collection Lacun | Event Recap


adidas Originals x Eric Bailey Capsule Collection


adidas Originals is carrying on the good work of collaborations with a dose of fresh air. This is quite literal if need be because its latest collaborator, Eric Bailey, is known for bringing a sense of nature into his modern, glamorous work. Also, if you like the great American Pitbull, you will like this collection a lot.

» adidas Originals x Eric Bailey Capsule Collection


Nike Air Attack Display @ Niketown New York


The Air Attack has landed and they are extremely pumped to take over New York City feet by feet. Check it out!

» Nike Air Attach Display @ Niketown New York