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Kobe Bryant x LA Times - "White Hot" Photo Shoot

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Before Utah Jazz set out to avenge their loss this coming Tuesday, and once again NBA fans stay glued to their television watching Kobe Bryant dominate the court, LA Times offers us a different side of Los Angeles Lakers' most popular player ( or perhaps the most popular in NBA right now, but that's debatable). First, Bryant sheds his Lakers colors and slips in the racks and layers of white that are flowing, voluminous, comfortable-- and the athlete is transformed into a minimalist urban nomad with the help of some of the most progressive labels such as Damir Doma, Ann Demeulemeester, Kris Van Assche and Rick Owens.

As Bryrant revealed in his interview with the LA Times, he is a funny and laid back person off-courts, and is quite different from the persona he dons on court because everyone is out there, playing to win. Peeling off his competitive spirit and fierce resolution on court, Bryant, who currently resides in Orange County, is rather down-to-earth and does indeed, pick up after his dogs. See a different side of Bryant, beyond the purple and gold, and get to know the man whom we love, and love to hate. via: LATimes