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Interview Magazine - Shepard Fairey Interview by Iggy Pop

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Shepard_Fairey May Interview

Shepard Fairey's rise to fame was not unearned. However, it was definitely no without repercussions either. First, Fairey's "Hope" hero-esque portrait of Obama brought him to fame (of course, Obama winning the elections definitely helped as well), but it has not only brought him fame, it has also dragged in an ugly lawsuit with the Associated Press-- Associate Press sued Fairey for an unauthorized use of one of AP's photographs taken by Mannie Garcia back in 2006 of Obama for his portrait.

Despite all the drama, Fairey stayed grounded and emerged with new work and has just opened his solo exhibition, "May Day" at New York City's Deitch Projects last week. This is also the last show at Deitch Projects before Jeffery Deitch assumes his new post as the director of Museum of Contemporary Art in sunny Los Angeles.

To that note, Interview Magazine had pitched punk rock icon, Iggy Pop, against Fairey for an interview. The duo chatted freely without restrain about everything ranging from the lawsuit with Associate Press to the "elitist structure of the high art", freedom, liberty, and despite orthodox etiquette taboo-- politics. Read the full interview at Interview Magazine.

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