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GIVENCHY - Fall/Winter 2010 - Footwear

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Ever since Riccardo Tisci came aboard Givenchy, the previously fledgling fashion house had been slowly gaining a new and strong foothold in the cutthroat industry, and nonetheless with style and a rocking sense of new masculine vigor. While Tisci's work for the ladies' collection at Givenchy is very much about expressing femininity (Tisci grew up in a household of eight sisters), his men's collection has been quite musically inclined and infused with punk rock looks (and god knows the fashion world loves a good punk reference), rocking studs, studs and studs.

For Fall/Winter 2010 however, Tisci sheds the star-studded looks and opts for a muted sense of sophistication in his accessories, especially sneakers. A little bondage with interesting cuts, straps and lines are toned down with monochromatic black and whites. The sneakers are either all black, all white or mixing a few colors from the grey scale-- never venturing beyond the limits of black and white. A silenced color palette shall not be mistaken for the lack of creativity though-- as Tisci projects a minimalist imagination on these shoes. Of course, as of luxury sneakers, premium material is a must for everything from suede to leather.

If one is a fan of Martin Margiela, Rick Owens or Damir Doma, these sneaker shall be right up that alley. A nonchalant, futuristic, minimalist vagabond alley.