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It was early 90's that two of the iconic Californian brands, XLarge and FUCT got together to form X-FUCT. The latest X-FUCT Backpack is a combination of both brand's identity wrapped up into a basic backpack design. Small exterior pocket is embroidered with X-FUCT logo in white and on the left side is an X-FUCT patch with the middle finger high up in the air. Silver buckles details are used on adjustable straps improving the aesthetics while on the inside there is a compartment for small goods and pens. Back padding have also been embroidered with the X-FUCT logo emphasizing the brand. Currently these are available at XLarge online store at ZOZOTOWN.

XFUCT Backpack Red
XFUCT Backpack Black

XFUCT Backpack Black 2

XFUCT Backpack Black 3

XFUCT Backpack Black 4

XFUCT Backpack Black 5

XFUCT Backpack Black 7

XFUCT Backpack Black 8

XFUCT Backpack Black 6