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adidas Originals x Eric Bailey - WOOD RICH | Video

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Free yourself from the fatigued nature of urban terrain this weekend and dive head first into the unexpected wilderness, as stipulated by artist Eric Bailey. Known for his intriguing juxtaposition on Mother Nature and the contemporary hustling-bustling world, the California-base artist questioned the usual presumption of "men versus nature". Instead, Bailey hinted an unique co-existent, where each aspects, no matter how frivolous, played a part in the great picture. Hence, the theme for his collaboration with adidas Originals, WOOD RICH, a play-on-word catch phrase with indication on the "true richness" nature has to offer. The identical theme played out once in this recently released video by Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari for adidas Originals. Featuring the artist himself, each scene is an unspoken elaboration of Bailey's concept and philosophy.