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Palladium - Enzyme Washed Canvas Collection

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Once upon a time, before Palladium were making durable boots, more specifically, the iconic Pampa Boot which is practically indestructible, they were welding the same tire-making technology and rubber-expertise in the aviation industry, making aircraft tires. Thus, the heritage label's penchant and obsession with durability lives on despite the company's change in direction and industry. For those who love Palladium for its rugged good looks, and of course, longevity despite wear, tear, weather and abuse, some might be hesitant about donning their leather boots for the summer in the city. As such, taking breathability and ventilation into consideration (Athlete's foot? Not attractive.), Palladium brings canvas back into their boot line-up with the Enzyme Washed Canvas Collection.

In terms of looks, the Enzyme Washed Canvas Collection is deliberated aged and washed with a special process to look worn-in. Discoloration hints at a weathered history and gorgeous vintage looks that seems resolute to tell a battle tale even though they are quite new. To complete the matured, aged look, the rubber toe caps and outsoles are treated to look burnished and used. Delving a little deeper into the story of canvas-- even though many will associate canvas sneakers with plimsoll shoes and summer lounging, canvas boots were worn as early as 1940s by French soldiers out in the deserts of North Africa (Staying stealthy without itching to death and battling athlete's foot? Inefficient!).

Since the military look has fast replaced last Fall/Winter's favored punk-rock inspired gear, these are perhaps the perfect finishing touches to your khakis, military M65 jackets and sartorial war gear this season. They are available now for both the gentlemen and the ladies at Palladium Boots.