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The Selby x Louis Vuitton - The Journey Of A Man's Wardrobe: Tokyo

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Have you ever wondered, how did the things hanging in your wardrobe get there? Yes, you did pick it out in the store, tried it on, whipped out the plastic and paid for it, then lugged it home in a gorgeous, crease-free paper bag emblazoned with that brand. What about beyond that? Sure everyone can work out the basic production logic of how a piece of clothing or accessory came to be, but a pictorial depiction is often left to be shaped by our own imaginations. Louis Vuitton embarked on an interesting project with famed photographer/blogger, Todd Selby of The Selby, to document the journey of a man's wardrobe-- all the way from conception to production, down to ever last stitch and sew and zip and fold. Then, after visiting the production facilities-- or rather, atelier (since the craftsman who made Louis Vuitton are more so artisans than simply workers)-- The Selby traveled the world and does what he does best-- knock on the doors of famed creative personalities and check out their homes, and share his pictures with all of us curious beings on the internet.

After The Selby's visit to Shanghai, where the World Expo is currently held, and stepped into the homes of artists Michael Lin, designer Les Suen and architect H. Koon Wee, he jets off to Tokyo and once again, entered the homes of three renowned creative types, checked out their spaces, homes and their Louis Vuitton. The list whom The Selby visited are interior designer Yasumichi Morita of Glamorous Co. Ltd., artist and designer, Verbal, of Ambush, and Tatsuya Matsui who is an interesting chracter, for he is a science fiction fed architect cum designer, and works on a mind-boggling project of flower robotics which fuses art and science, and envisions a world like "I Robot" but harmonious and not scary.

And mind you, creative types don't just have the regular Speedy, and they do manage to wear the classics in such a refreshing way that their presence almost imposes a fresh design twist to them. Check out the football quilted monogram bags, the Lous Vuitton throw, scarf and cardholders. And as usual, please enjoy their homes and if you would like to take some interior design inspiration from these spaces, you are welcome to do so! Check out the complete collection online at Louis Vuitton.