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Essential Designs x PORTER - Paisley Series

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Essential Designs x Porter

Essential Designs have worked closely with PORTER again on their latest series of items titled Paisley Series. It is not hard to guess how the series will look like however the series is characterized by the use of various tones of the base fabrics. Red, black or blue paisley colors are produced in a classic bandanna like pattern. There are roughly three styles available with wallets, cases and bags and each are segmented in different models with in it. Key items such as tote bags, long/short wallets and mobile cases are classic PORTER styles that suit the paisley design. via: Arkkaban

Tote Bag Red

Tote Bag Blue

Tote Bag Black

Shoulder Bag Red

Shoulder Bag Blue

Shoulder Bag Black

Long Wallet Red

Long Wallet Blue

Long Wallet Black

Wallet Red

Wallet Blue

Wallet Black

Multi Case Black

Mobile Case Red

Mobile Case Blue

Mobile Case Black

Key Case Red

Key Case Blue

Key Case Black

Coin Case Red

Coin Case Blue

Coin Case Black