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F.C.R.B. x Nike Sportswear "Write The Future" T-Shirt Collection

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Yes, FIFA World Cup is indeed the most highly watched game, and one of the most highly anticipated games in the world. Sadly, not every country can qualify and make it to the finals, making some soccer lovers of soccer a little torn about team loyalty. This is when Nike's collaborative imaginary soccer team, F.C.R.B., created with SOPH. comes in extremely handy for the torn fans who can't buy five different team jerseys, and simply want to express their love for the sport. For Nike Sportswear and SOPH.'s latest 2010 FIFA World Cup retail venture, "Write The Future", the duo not only came up with customizable polos and released the much beloved and coveted Rejuven8 Mid, there is also a collection of t-shirts designed for soccer fan (and perfect for team-orphaned soccer fans).

Choose from brightly colored NIKE or F.C.R.B. logo tees with a soccer player swiping his way to the goal, or a cool trompe l'oeil scarf t-shirt which will be perfect for the steamy summers too hot to wear any soccer adornment around the neck. Want to sing soccer praises? How about a "It Was Never A Rich Man's Sport" declaration to show why one might love soccer more than sailing. Want something a little more subtle than bright and bold graphics? Some gorgeously color-saturated photograph tees could possibly be your go-to 2010 World Cup gear. via: hnyee