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Nike Air Attack Pack Display | Taipei

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When Nike says Air Attack, they do mean a full on assault that is aimed to awe...and inspire some retail action. Not too long ago, Niketown New York put up its very own impressive Air Attack Display, showcasing the battalions of Air Attack sneakers hooked up to their source of power-- the canisters! Mind you, if you have seen the Nike Air commercial narrated by David Koechner and starring your favorite Nike athletes such as Maria Sharapova and Paul Rodriguez Jr. you would know that these are not your run of the mill gas canisters. They are magical ones filled up with air from the powerful athletes designed to increase the performance of your shoes by magical leaps and bounds. (Fine, perhaps, there is little truth to this, nonetheless it is a well made commercial with the right dose of captivating humor in it.)

In promoting Nike Air and the Air Attack Pack, the Air Attack display has hit Taipei and the display mimics the display in New York's Niketown. With a lit wall filled with ranks of Air Attack shoes (the lit display forms the keyword "Air" in the background) and canisters of perhaps-mythical air, framed by a neon-bright front, the Taipei Nike Air Attack Display is quite bewitching as well. Enjoy!