Nike Zoom Hyperfuse Photo Blue/Black


Let's rewind back to a few decades ago (or actually, this thought might still be relevant as of today), who would have thought performance on court could really be both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. While some performance sneaker fans (and some previous sleek and more creatively designed models) would perhaps beg to differ, suppose it would be quite safe to say, performance shoes are often less ostentatious and outlandish than the street sneakers. However, the Nike Hyperfuse baskeball shoes which has been whipping up a storm as of late proves that an intriguing aesthetic and function are not mutually exclusive (Perhaps, the previous suppression of wild designs was deemed necessary for people to take the performance side of things seriously?).

The Nike Hyperfuse set to drop for Fall 2010, is not only ultra lightweight and breathable with a mesh upper, and extremely supportive with the Zoom Air midsole, it is also quite a stroll on the wild side with the tie-dye, sunsplash design on the ankle. The happy 60's aesthetics will perhaps bring a new level of peace and composure to the games and sportsmanship? Or, perhaps this will be an excellent decoy for hustling your competitors?

The Nike Hyperfuse which has been getting quite a lot of camera time as it has been donned by the Celtic's Rajon Rondo will be available for all to purchase in the Photo Blue/Black colorway come July. via: Footlocker Unlocked