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Casio G-Shock Carbon Fiber Collection

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Constantly striving for the best, and taking the spirit of relentless experimentation alongside physical tenacity to a new level, Casio's toughest watch, G-Shock, is taking its all-resistant quality somewhere unprecedented. While G-Shock is already known to be shock proof, waterproof and multi functional, it is now that much stronger with carbon fiber embedded into its very being. The new carbon fiber collection incorporates the trusted aeronautical material to add even more durability to the case and band. Keeping things simply tough and going, the Carbon Fiber Collection includes the GW-S5600 and GW-S5600B model, which is quite "Die Hard" cool with a black face to match the black strap and case. It features functions such as Tough Solar and rids the hassle of switching batteries, and also has radio functions so it can calibrate time to tiptop accuracy. The watch is slated for a July 31 release, and promises to not only outlast time and any impending apocalypse, but also to go with everything one might wear with its minimalist black outfit.