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Gestalten - Beyond The Street Book

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Beyond the Street 1

The transition from streets to the gallery have sometimes been frowned upon but the key to staying true to the street elements. Over the years, numerous street artists and graffiti writers have made way into the mainstream and Gestalten have decided to shine some light onto these artists who made noise on the streets and now in the main stream. The featured artists read like who's who of the street art game and includes notables such as 12ozProphet, Boris Tellegen aka Delta, David Choe, Juxtapoz Magazine, Invader, Shepard Fairey, Jose Parla, Mode 2, WK Interact, Wooster Collective and the list keeps going covering 100 key artists. Fully colored and packed with images and texts, the 400 paged book is nothing short of being insightful to the current scene.

Beyond the Street

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