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MASTERPIECE x Dickies - Work Shirts

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x Dickies Work Shirt Charcoal Gray

Dickies have been much loved by various brands around the world and especially from the street scene. Its rugged looks and durability makes it perfect for daily wear that will last a long time. One of its staple designs are the Work Shirts that will prove to be popular transcending generations and genres. Reggae influenced MASTERPIECE often produces work inspired items and this season, they have gone one step further to team up with Dickies to produce their custom version of the classic work shirts. Available in black, charcoal gray or beige colors, each shirt is decorated with custom designed patch above the right chest pocket and MASTERPIECE logo embroidered on the left chest pocket. via: Eproze

x Dickies Work Shirt Black

x Dickies Work Shirt Beige

x Dickies Work Shirt Beige 2

x Dickies Work Shirt Beige 3

x Dickies Work Shirt Beige 4