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Umbro Limited Edition The World Champions Collection

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Umbro is one of the leading heritage soccer gear label born in Manchester, U.K. Umbro has been the pioneer of sports tailoring for over 85 years, and it created its first soccer kit in 1952, and the champion team of the 1966 World Cup was outfitted by Umbro from the beginning to the end. With an incomparable insight and heritage into the sport, the label's performance and gear are unparalleled. As such, it was adopted under the Nike Inc. wing, forming quite a formidable bond. Of course, with an astounding background like this, it would be quite blasphemous for Umbro to take a sideline in the 2010 FIFA World Cup fanfare when every other label is gearing up with special releases and kits. To get the loyal fans blood boiling with heated loyalty, and giving them the right gear to don at bars and games, Umbro has collaborated with seven artists from seven World Cup Champion countries to create The World Champions Collection.

The World Champions Collection is not unlike the Nike Six (6) Collaboration, except its aesthetics are slightly more reserved and in tune with Umbro's down-to-earth and simple style, and are designed for the World Cup Champion teams instead of the current playing teams. In execution, Umbro's collaborative collection works on a quainter scale, featuring a simple kit of two pieces, comprising of a limited edition home shirt and a T-shirt based on the design of the home shirt. Each artist is invited to design a crest for his respective team, and the seven champions are Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy and Uruguay,

The artists enlisted for this project are some of the most renowned and celebrated artists of the moment, and are as follows-- ZZK Records for Argentina, Fernando Chamarelli for Brazil, graffiti artist Ben Eine for England, graffiti artist/club owner/ hotelier extraordinaire Andre a.k.a Monsieur A, Thomas Marecki (Marok) for Germany, illustrator and comic artist Tanino Liberatore, and mixed media artist Martin Albronoz for Uruguay.