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Acronym - Long Coat and Shorts

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Long Coat 4

The sheer attention to detail from Acronym is amazing with more function than what a normal civilian can handle. From the material choice to construction and cut, their latest Long Coat and Shorts are another testament to Acronym's quest for high quality.

Gore Tex materials have been used by countless brands and are now a common material to be used on hi tech products but Acronym have gotten the best of Gore Tex by using the Pro Shell material for the exterior of the Long Coat. On the inside it features the Gravity Pocket that suspends compartment via magnet suspension system. On the other hand the Shorts use Eta Proof material on its exterior and the left side pocket enables attachments to be added for extra functionality. via: Beauty & Youth

Long Coat

Long Coat 2

Long Coat 3

Long Coat 5

Long Coat 6


Shorts 2

Shorts 3

Shorts 4

Shorts 5

Shorts 6

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