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Medicom Toy x Star Wars - RAH C-3PO & RAH R2-D2 | Video

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With Medicom Toy's ultra realistic renditions of C-3PO and R2-D2, Star Wars fans have another reason to rejoice come this August. The Japanese Toy maker will be releasing two characters, the RAH C-3PO (TM) and the RAH R2-D2, and in getting the release going, has also just posted a Youtube video of the new robot toys. The video details the incredible amount of thought that went into reproducing the famed Star Wars characters in toy for, and everything down to the most minute detail has been executed with perfection. For instance, C-3PO's mismatched shins, the three beams of light for his visual sensors and extremely flexible joints have all been rendered perfectly. As for R2-D2, the toy comes with the hide-away center leg and rollers, on which one can move the toy around across a surface with easy glides. These are set to drop at Medicom Toy and Project 1/6 in August.