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Y-3 x blanch& - Pop-Up Store at Cannes

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Every year, stars permeate the gorgeous coastal resort town of Cannes for the renowned Cannes Film Festival. As with any red carpet promising events, especially related to the entertainment industry, fashion follows suit and becomes another important highlight of the festival. In conjunction with the festival, Y-3 had just opened its first ever pop-up venture in France with the help of blanch&, situated within the blacn& Contemporary Space located on Boulevard de la Croisette. This is the second stand-alone Y-3 shop in France, with the other being the location in Paris.

The pop-up store will be bringing Yohji Yamamoto's signature high fashion athletic gear with his iconic stark simplicity and creative silhouettes to Cannes. The temporary space will host Y-3 Spring/Summer 2010 collection, which is heavily inspired by the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup. The bright and airy space is stark and clean in white, providing a harmonious backdrop to Yamamoto's stripped designs.

The store has been up and running since April 28, and will be open through June 29, bringing a touch of urban simplicity to the colorful and glamorous beach town life.